Based Safety vs. Cringe Propaganda #13

This Week In Based And Cringe

All right, all right, all right! I haven’t been paying much attention to the world this last week, so I scrambled this morning to put together these links and give the people what they want. Be thankful! First, CJ Hopkins identifies a burgeoning totalitarianism in Western political systems in the way that they are criminalizing dissent. “Not just the stigmatization of dissent or the demonization of dissent, but the formal criminalization of dissent, and any other type of opposition to the official ideology of the totalitarian system,” he writes. “Global capitalism has been inching its way toward this step for quite some time, and now, apparently, it is ready to take it.” Dennis Cooper compiles all the information on the web about the incredible San Francisco-based industrial punk band Factrix (their collaboration with Throbbing Gristle affiliate Monte Cazzaza is especially worth checking out). Geoff Shullenberger and Justin Murphy kick off a lecture series on Rene Girard (hope this link jettisons your mimetic desire to watch that shit!).

In the ever evolving and exciting world of professional skateboarding, New Mexico-based company Chapped debuts its new video Black 2.0 that doesn’t just feature insane and death defying skateboarding, but evolves the medium of the skateboard video genre sonically (with black metal and other extreme music on the soundtrack) and visually (with cool and abject video animations). The brilliant Nina Power has a new ‘Stack where she’s been publishing thoughtful critique and beautiful poetry. Angela Nagle starts a ‘Stack and everyone on anti-left Twitter is awaiting the return of her writing like Star Wars fans await more shitty Star Wars films. Angelicism01 debuts “The List of Lists” and it becomes a hallucinogenic art work that will leave you disoriented and amazed. I am on the new episode of the Rare Candy podcast where I defend the principle of ‘Stack as a medium for artistic production, rip apart the libtard anarchism of Tom Morello and have lots of laughs at the expense of the CIA’s woke recruitment video strategy. Speaking of the CIA woke recruitment videos, I’m actually putting them in the BASED column. Yeah, that’s right, these videos are based as fuck, from a certain perspective they are brilliant art works that allow us to demystify once and for all the ideological orientation of wokeness. Wokeness isn’t being “recuperated” by the state. NOTHING is recuperated, it was designed as such in the first place. Wokeness was pioneered in grad school social sciences programs, the height of Althusserian ISOs, and was deployed unto the population from top down and then slowly manifested itself as the de facto state ideology. It is not being coopted, this is always what it was meant to do. And yes this is scary, because they are engineering consent for a new Patriot Act. This is on you leftists, and I don’t want to hear you bitching about it.

One of the most cynical motherfuckers in the game, Charles Blow, eats Michelle Obama’s pandering hook, line and sinker with this piece of his, “The Obamas Are Freed in their Blackness.” Charles Blow is oh so happy that Barry O and Michelle can now discuss racism freely, as if it isn’t totally fraudulent and bullshit considering they ruled America for eight years and didn’t do a fucking thing about anything that would help anyone. I see what you’re doing Charles, you sly bastard, you! Realizing that everyone in the world knows that leftist politics are totally bourgeois and that no one believes him or anyone at his magazine anymore, Bhaskar joins the chorus of leftists signaling distress about the “pro worker Republicans.” He must be really mad that rich people pretending to care about working people is supposed to be his thing, not theirs. SAD!

Speaking of the Jacomorons, Jacobin analyzes the failures of the Green New Deal, but of course fails to grapple with the fact that the Green New Deal isn’t a feasible piece of legislation nor one that would help improve the lives of the working class (well, they probably do know the second part to be true, but they don’t actually care about that). VICE criticizes the exploitation of delivery drivers by tech platforms by advertising yet another tech app platform (LOL!). Ben Bourgeois continues to water down Aimee Terese critiques from years ago and present them as his own. Get paid homie!

The world officially has a haute bridal label with non-binary branding, whatever the fuck that means. Jezebel feigns outrage that the Trump family’s security details are costing taxpayer money, conveniently overlooking the fact that ALL former White House holders can have lifetime security details (and surely the Trump’s of all of them most likely have a lot to fear in the way of bloodthirsty, MSNBC-watching psycholibs trying to kill them while screaming “YOU ARE PUTIN PUPPET ORANGEMAN BAD RACHEL MADDOW SAYS YOU LOVE PUTINNNNNN,” or something to that effect). And finally, the Riddler discusses police shootings with as much histrionic extremity and lack of subtlety as you can imagine.

Ok, that’s all for this week. I’m under a lot of pressure right now to finish a long term project, so don’t be worried if the site is a bit quieter than usual. I’m just in the background making plans for my global domination. ONE LOVE!

Illustration by Adam Lehrer